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Why I Choose TEFL Recruiters Every Time

teacher with class outside in china

Trying to find the right teaching job in a foreign country can be such a minefield. It can be so hard to find the right school and to know who to trust. So many companies and schools are advertising on the internet and it difficult to know where to start.

I had a number of bad experiences over the years and I have heard even more stories from my friends. Oftentimes it is not wise to believe everything you see in some advertisements on the internet and if you are not careful you can find yourself in a foreign country with terrible living conditions and not getting paid as you were promised.

"Many foreign schools will make all sorts of promises so that they can just get you on the plane and over to teach in their school. Unfortunately, when you arrive there everything can change and I have heard stories from my friends of working for months on end without even getting paid! I myself when teaching abroad a few years back found myself living in a very small and shabby apartment that was not what they promised me at all. As well as other things that happened, I can say that this was not a pleasurable experience at all."

When I decided to work with TEFL recruiters all of that changed. Not only were my airplane tickets paid for me to Beijing, I was greeted at the airport by the school that I chose to work for, and then I was provided with a beautiful private apartment located in a fine area of Beijing. I was really surprised.

When looking to choose the right recruiters it is also necessary to be careful and to select only the most reputable international recruiters that have your best interests at heart. A good TEFL recruiting company should not charge you any money and they should not get any money from your salary! Many recruiters will try to charge you finding fees or even offer you lower salaries then you are otherwise entitled to.

This is why I have been using TEFL recruiters for the last few years and it has made such a massive difference. TEFL recruiters do not charge you any money for finding you work, they do not receive any money from your salary and what you were promised in the job offers in relation to salary and living conditions will be exactly what you get.

I cannot recommend enough how important it is to use a good and trustworthy recruitment company when deciding to work abroad. I am really grateful to the team at TEFL recruiters and they have been so helpful over the last few years.

Make the right choice and have the great foreign teaching experience that you are looking for!

young girl teacher with young boy studant
school study room
  • January 07, 2021

    I completely agree Eva, once I started working with a good recruiter the whole experience was completely different. So much worth being wth the right people!

    • January 10, 2021

      I had such a great time when I got connected with a great school in Korea. Lovely apartment and living conditions and great students. I really enjoyed it in Seoul.

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