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At TEFL recruiters we place the well-being and happiness of our teachers first. We ensure that wherever they choose to teach, that they are in good hands and have a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

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Our mission is to make sure that our new teachers have the very best teaching experience possible wherever they would like to travel. We work closely with our teachers in order to find them the best salaries and conditions.

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Check out our blog and read different stories from some of our teachers who have found exactly what they were looking for and how they are enjoying their new life teaching and seeing the world.

Why Choose Us

TEFL recruiters work for your interest only and for your wellbeing in order to help to guide you into proven and trusted schools around the world where you can be guaranteed to have a pleasurable experience, to be safe, and to recieve only the very best terms and conditions.

Safety and Security

At TEFL recruiters we make your happiness a priority and we take personal interest in your satisfaction with your new job wherever you are in the world. Because of our large network and extensive experience you can feel safe and assured wherever you decide to travel and teach.

The Very Best Schools

Through our extensive network and experience with various schools, we know and can choose only the very best schools for you to teach in so that you can be sure of a good experience wherever you decide to teach.

The Very Best Salaries

We work to find you the teaching jobs with the very best salaries, working conditions and living standards. Unlike many recruiters, TEFL recruiters does not receive any payments or money from your working salary and we ensure that our teachers receive everything that they are entitled to when travelling abroad to teach.

We Offer Free Service

At TEFL recruiters we do not charge any fees from our teachers. We take personal interest in the well-being of our teachers and we actively monitor and stay in communication with our teachers after they have begun their new teaching job in order to ensure the complete satisfaction of our teachers in their new positions.

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TEFL recruiters are committed to helping you to find the very best teaching positions, schools and locations. Call us or send us an email to speak with one of our personal career advisors and we will be happy to discuss with you what you are looking for and how we can help.

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